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The Challenges and Blessings of the Holy Spirit

Posted May 21, 2015

This weekend is a celebration of two significant holidays. Pentecost is Sunday and Memorial Day is Monday. I thought I would tie the themes of both holidays together in my messages Saturday and Sunday. Memorial Day is about rememberin... Keep Reading

How to Get Unstuck and Prosper

Posted May 14, 2015

This weekend we will begin a new sermon series called, “Life Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks.” We all learn some things the hard way, either because we make mistakes, or others we love make mistakes that illustrate how not to... Keep Reading

This Sunday is Mother's Day

Posted May 7, 2015

This weekend at Living Streams, our pastors will speak about the impact our mothers made on our lives. None of us have perfect mothers, but each of us has been shaped by their love and care for us. They were our first teachers and respo... Keep Reading

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How to Get Unstuck and Prosper

May 17, 2015

by Mark Buckley

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